Recom software

Recom software enables you to communicate directly with Remeha boilers through your PC. The software displays a clear summary of temperatures, fan speeds and the status of on/off components such as the pump and gas block. In some versions this can be shown as a graph. Recom summarises all settings of the boiler protection automaton in a clear worksheet. Clear parameter names and explanatory notes make the display particularly comprehensible.

You can save settings on your hard drive, so that you can restore the starting values at any time and use the same settings for several boilers in the same project. Keeping a printout of the parameter list with the project information will enable anyone to see which settings have been used.

Sometimes it can be useful to monitor a system for a longer period of time. Recom can log and save all boiler data over a longer period of time, so that the cause of a problem can be traced back.

Recom software advantages:

  • Change the boiler parameters at user and service level.
  • Read out and delete errors from the error memory of the boiler.
  • Displays current measured values such as supply and return temperatures, fan speed, on-of statuses etc.
  • Current values also displayed as a graph.
  • Print parameters and graphs.
  • Save and read in parameter values onto the hard disk. 
  • Calculation window displaying the differences between the measured values at two different times.
  • The interface or null modem cable required, is available from Remeha.
  • Built-in languages: Dutch, English, French, German and Italian.
  • Updates can be downloaded from the internet.